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Your Photo Memories, Perfectly Displayed - With Ease!

99% of all your photo memories are simply gathering dust!... Stuck in a shoebox or drawer, or somewhere on your PC's hard drive. ISN'T IT TIME YOU DID SOMETHING MORE WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS? Those special images that document YOUR LIFE, Your Family, Your Kids, Travels, Passions and Triumphs.

Without a doubt, your photos have the greatest impact when displayed on your walls. Not only do they turn your house into a home, they reflect time and energy well spent. They're tokens of enduring love, accomplishment, friendship and fun. IN BRIEF, WE CELEBRATE LIFE WITH OUR PHOTOGRAPHS! And we need to reflect this in the way we display them in our homes.

Problem is, the photo frames available in retail stores are mass produced in the cheapest possible way, with no thought given to providing you with professional and practical wallspace solutions. To make matters worse you have limited-to-no options as to frame colour, photo sizes or frame type and you are dealing with instore staff who are unable to give you any meaningful help or advise. Try as you may, these options are a frustrating waste of time and money, and can never achieve the look you really want.
And honestly, who has the free time or energy to go searching high & low for half decent photo frames, plan a suitable layout, and still find someone capable of installing it all properly?  

Clearly, displaying your own special photo memories deserves a better solution!

A tailored solution to help you display and celebrate life, YOUR LIFE... IN YOUR OWN HOME… ON YOUR OWN WALLS... WITH EASE -- And we're not just talking decent Photo Frames, we're talking professionally designed Photo Wall Solutions - Off the Shelf.

 That solution is exclusively available right here... SAVING YOU EFFORT, TIME & MONEY -  and giving you that gorgeous gallery wall look… HASSLE FREE…

  • It consists of a range of innovative photo frames, designed to fit together effortlesslyin various combinations without looking stiff & formal or cluttered & messy;
  • whether you're looking for a single photo frame or a complete wallspace solution you have access to the most comprehensive range of gallery photo frame formats & combinations you will ever find;
  • you have a selection of 3 different photo frame styles in a range of colours – Contemporary wood photo frames, Traditional wood photo frames & Aluminium photo frames;
  • you have peace of mind knowing your frame selection is not seasonal and will be available in future if and when you need more;
  • the HANGMAN offers you the option of a professional hanging service… this will ensure your frames are Hung Right, First Time, Everytime, and; 
  • at your service, a dedicated team who understand photography, framing and design and who are qualified to give you support and advice if and when needed.

So, where do you begin?
1. If you're looking for our best value wood photo frames start with the Contemporary range. This eco-friendly frame design is the ultimate in understated elegance and economical use of a precious natural resource.
2. If you're thinking, sleek sophistication, good looks and clean design, then our Aluminium range of photo frames will fit the bill perfectly.
3. As mentioned we have also refined, tweaked & perfected the modern gallery photo frame concept to include complete Photo Wall Solutions. It enables you to get a designer photo frame wall layout, off the shelf, with minimal fuss. Just add your own photos and install.  

And if we don’t seem to have what you're looking for, then please email us and we’ll customize a solution especially for you.

Our Corporate, Hospitality, Retail & Designer Clients Include:



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